When you think of punk rock, you probably don't immediately think of Nintendo—but maybe you should.

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The fine folks over at Mashable talked to video game developer Goichi Suda, who had this to say about working with Nintendo:

“Nintendo have been making consoles for years,” Suda said. “With a lot of other companies, consoles evolve, but they kind of evolve in the most obvious ways. Graphics are better, OK now it has more memory. But with Nintendo’s consoles — they don’t just evolve in the most obvious ways to get better, but they provide new ways to play and enjoy games…The stuff the Nintendo consoles allow me to do gives me new ideas,” he said. “The Switch in particular, but Nintendo in general — I’ve always been really excited about the kind of stuff that they do and allow gamers and creators to do. The Switch is a really punk piece of hardware. Doing things that others don’t try.”

And when Mashable talked to Reggie Fils-Aime, the president and COO of Nintendo of America, he had similar punk-leaning praise: “We're constantly looking to disrupt the industry,” he told Mashable. “We're constantly asking ourselves what can we do that's differentiated, that the consumer wants but doesn't know they want.”

If punk is about innovation and taking risks, then Nintendo are certainly doing it right. What do you think—are Nintendo punk? Let us know in the comments.

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