AP 344 cover stars Hey Violet have debuted a brand new music video for their single, “Break My Heart,” and it's as cool as you'd think it'd be.

Watch the video below!

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The single was released earlier last month, and we’ve been jamming it ever since.

The band's yet-to-be-announced forthcoming album is one of AP's most anticipated for 2017. Here's what vocalist Rena Lovelis had to say about it:

Our sound has definitely evolved and transformed over the years. It's moving to a place where we're more capable of experimenting with new sounds and toying with synths. You can hear this already when you compare our first and second EPs, and this will definitely be clear when the album is ready.

The up-and-comers have released two EPs as Hey Violet: I Can Feel It and Brand New Movies.

Grab AP 344 here, and listen to “Break My Heart” below!

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