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Hey Violet are discussing former band member Miranda Miller's recent departure, the opportunistic art of stealing clothes from exes and more in a recent chat with Billboard. Watch the full Hey Violet video interview below.

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AP previously reported on multi-instrumentalist Miller leaving the Los Angeles-based rock band earlier this year, and now, Hey Violet reveal that the split occurred in the perhaps the “calmest way” possible. However, drummer Nia Lovelis admits that Miller was no longer “happy” with being in the band.

“It was actually one of the calmest ways it could've been done,” Nia says. “She talked to us, we talked to each other. We're still on great terms, which is, honestly, very important to us. But I think she found that she wasn't happy doing this anymore. We totally respected that—she's been doing it with Rena [Lovelis, vocalist] and me for 10 years. It was a long enough time to know. She left and she wished us well and we still talk every once in a while.”

Hey Violet also talk about their catchy new jam “Hoodie,” taken from their recently released album From The Outside. Rena Lovelis describes the feeling of keeping a former flame's shirt in order to look back fondly on a relationship.

“When you break up with somebody or they break up with you, you hang onto their hoodie,” says Rena. “It could be anything. It could be a T-shirt. … When you hang onto this thing because it reminds you of them, it smells like them. … You just want to remember them in a really fond way.”

The interview footage comes from Hey Violet's recent stop in Las Vegas at the iHeartRadio Music Festival 2017, which went down last weekend, Sept. 22-23.

Watch the rest of Hey Violet's Billboard interview here:

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