High School Musical may have been released in 2006, but that doesn't mean we aren't still holding out hope for a reunion—and Sharpay, aka Ashley Tisdale, proves we almost got what we've been waiting for.

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Tisdale took to Instagram to share a photo of herself, Zac Efron and Vanesa Hudgens at the Golden Globes. Except keen eyes would know that the reunion didn't technically happen… Because Tisdale actually just used the ever-magical Photoshop to make it happen.

“What a great reunion we had (photoshop is getting too real),” she captioned the post. And although it isn't technically real, it still makes our hearts all too full.

Check out the epic Photoshop magic below:


What a great reunion we had ������ (photoshop is getting too real)

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Late last year, it was announced that the Wildcats will be back on the (small) screen, with an original HSM TV series slated for Disney's forthcoming streaming service.

Of course, there's no confirmation as to whether or not we'll have Troy and Gabriella back in the halls of East High School (even though we can only dream of that), but we still have hope that they'll bring some of the original cast onboard for the new series.

Then maybe this reunion will actually happen IRL—no Photoshop needed!