High school kid dresses up like a Nameless Ghoul from Ghost for his senior photo

August 31, 2017
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Yearbook photos are important, right? They're for posterity. Someday, you'll look back at your yearbook pic and remember how cute you were as a kid.

That is, unless you dress up as one of Ghost's Nameless Ghouls for your yearbook's senior portrait, which is exactly what this kid did. See it below.

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The young Ghoul is certainly proving his dedication to the mysterious Swedish heavy metal band, donning the full-on Ghost mask in his senior year snap. Loudwire has the scoop, and they chatted with Long Beach High School senior Carlo DiMarco about his devilish choice of yearbook portrait wardrobe.

“I decided to wear the Nameless Ghoul mask for my picture because I thought it would be awesome given they are one of my favorite bands,” DiMarco says.

“I really wanted to see a Nameless Ghoul's yearbook photo, too,” DiMarco adds, incredulously. “So, now I got to see that. Great way to represent Ghost and made for a great photo that would definitely generate some laughs.”

This guy gets an “A” for ævil. Check it out:

Papa Emeritus has definitely heard this dark one's cry.

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Written by AltPress