Now in its fifth year, the annual Hit Like A Girl Contest has announced this year's 48 finalists. Started by DRUM!, Tom Tom and TRX, the contest highlights and promotes female drummers.

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The 48 finalists were chosen by three methods: by judges, by fan votes or by sponsors' wild card votes. They will now move on to face a panel of judges, which includes The Summer Set's Jess Bowen, Kim Thompson, Emily Dolan-Davies, Emmanuelle Caplette, Karin Gandhi, Yissy Garcia, Terri Lyne Carrington, Senri Kawaguchi, Nia Lovelis, Allison Miller, Didi Negron, Venzella Joy, Alicia Warrington, Gina Schock, Mona Tavakoi, Cherisse Osei, Samantha Maloney, Kimberly Thompson, Val Sepulveda and guest judges Steve Smith, Aaron Spears and Chad Smith, along with co-spokespersons Hannah Welton and Anika Nilles. 

Catch the live Hit Like A Girl awards show here at 4:00 p.m. PDT on April 13 and check out the 48 finalists below.

Under 18

There were 23 finalists chosen in the Under 18 category including:

Anna Mariko Seymour (US)
Becca Webster (US)
Ciara Connelly (US)
Devikah (US)
Faith Benson (US)
Gina Eterovich (US)
Kat (Ukraine)
Keyleigh Morpeth (US)
Leah Bluestein (US)
Mana Fukuda (Japan)
MariEvil (Canada)
Issey (Indonesia)
Milana (US)
Molly Flores (US)
Molly Rose (US)
Najwa Rashika (Indonesia)
Natalia (Poland)
Natalie Depergola (US)
Nur Amira Syahira (Malaysia)
Pauline Roberts (Argentina)
Payton Taylor (US)
Sophia Hanley (US)
Sophie Drummer (Ireland)

Over 18

There were 25 finalists chosen in the Under 18 category including:

Adina Kumar (India)
Angel Knotts (US)
Bianca Richardson (US)
Brittany Harrell (US)
Dee Bradbery (Australia)
Helen (Dominican Republic)
Jasmine Kayser (US)
Jazmyne Evans (US)
Jiaqi (China)
Julianna Mascia (US)
Kate Siefker (US)
Kaylee Preston (US)
Kiana Gibson (US)
Lada Obradovic (Croatia)
Laura Coral (Colombia)
Megan Luce (US)
Misaki Nakamichi (Japan)
Paulina Vera (Chile)
Rhythmiss (US)
Rikki Woods (US)
Theresa Stark (Germany)
Vicky Reader (UK)
Victoria Seagriff (US)
Whitney Sellers (US)
Ylva B (Norway)