The meltdown of Creed singer Scott Stapp continues. Last week, Stapp uploaded a truly bizarre video where he claimed to be homeless, completely broke and the victim of some plot by the music industry and IRS.

In the video, Stapp claimed to be sober. However, his wife recently filed for divorce, saying he disappeared from their home in October and citing his abuse of “amphetamines, crystal meth and steroids.” His son, Jagger Stapp, also recently tweeted that his father has been on a “nine week binge.”

According to TMZ, police placed Stapp on a 72-hour psychiatric hold, after he was found on the side of a road “wasted, incoherent and rambling” about someone trying to poison him.

Now (suddenly), Stapp is asking fans for $480,000 to record a solo album and write his first book. (Hmm. Probably not the safest guy to give money to at the moment.) Prior to that, he uploaded more crazy videos, which you can watch below. 

He also recently gave an interview to KISS 92.5, where he blames Obama. Check it all out, and let us know your thoughts.