Hopesfall have reunited and signed to Graphic Nature Records, an imprint of Equal Vision Records founded by producer Will Putney. The ever-evolving melodic hardcore group dissolved shortly after their cosmic post-hardcore pinnacle, 2007's Magnetic North. When they enter the studio in January 2017 to pick back up with Mike Watts (Glassjaw, the Dear Hunter, As Cities Burn), it'll mark ten years of silence broken.

The lineup for the upcoming album is as follows: vocalist Jay Forrest (the Satellite Years, A-Types, Magnetic North), guitarists Josh Brigham (entire discography) and Dustin Nadler (A-Types, Magnetic North), bassist Chad Waldrup (the Satellite Years) and drummer Adam Morgan (the Frailty Of Words, No Wings To Speak Of, the Satellite Years).

In the meantime, pre-orders have launched on MerchNOW for vinyl releases of the Satellite Years, A-Types and Magnetic North. Don't wait up, as bundles are selling out already. These will be shipping early in the new year.

GUITARIST JOSH BRIGHAM SAYS: “We are super grateful to Graphic Nature/EVR for giving us an opportunity to make some music. We've always been EVR fans, they signed a lot of bands that were huge influences on us. In addition to that, a lot of our friends in bands who have worked with EVR had nothing but high praise for them, so their reputation as being quality people made it a pretty easy decision. The motivation for making this new album comes from a genuine desire to remain creative by continuing to write and play music together again. We won't lie, between having jobs, relationships, kids, and other responsibilities, it can be tough to make time to play, but as long as we feel like we still have something good to offer, we will find a balance.”

BRUSH UP: While we can't wait for new stuff either, here's a trip back to the Satellite Years, A-Types and Magnetic North.