These horror movie-inspired bath bombs are truly killer

June 22, 2017
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[Photo by: Instagram/@haagerbomb]

No one can argue that we love a good bath bomb as much as we love a good horror movie, and it’s now possible to get a bath bomb that happens to be inspired by our fave horror flicks—and our bath routine will never be the same.

Retailer Porcelain Wolf is making our most beautiful nightmares a dream come true, and the results are actually amazing.

Take a peek at their “horrifically” beautiful creations below!

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There is truly a bath bomb for every horror movie lover. There’s the “JAWsome” Jaws-inspired bath bomb that turns from a baby blue to a, er, blood bath right before your eyes. There’s the “Attack,” a green featuring lots of bitty black bats. And there’s even the sparkly red “It floats,” just in time for the movie, It, that already has us sitting at the edge of our seats.

The bath bombs not only look cool, though. The brand doesn’t test on animals, and the bath bombs are specifically designed not to stain the tub. The site says most bath bombs are slow releasing, meaning they dissolve in 6-8 minutes, rather than fizz out fast. Plus, some may be a “blood bath” and “something straight out of a horror flick.” Sign us up for one right now.

See some of their incredible creations below!


Forever the greatest mix! #StephenKing's IT & our It Floats Bath Bomb. ❤⛵️������ @angelnessie

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You can shop their bath bombs right now and have all your horror movie dreams come true.

So turn on your fave horror flick and let your horror movie-inspired bath bomb do the rest. While you’re at it, find out your horror movie monster of choice by taking our quiz!

Will you be picking up a horror flick bath bomb? Let us know in the comments below!

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Written by Maggie Dickman