A video has been making its way around YouTube, poking fun at the way local bands use social media. The video touches on a lot of the typical promo you’ll see from bands on Facebook and Twitter—asking for “likes,” teasing “announcements.” You've definitely heard most of them before. Even though the video is about local bands, it can definitely apply to bigger bands as well. Here are some of the typical social media posts mocked in the video:

“Please help us get to 500 likes!”

“Vote for us to play Warped Tour this year!”

“All we need is 50 more likes, and we’ll release the promo to our album art!”

“Go check our vocalist’s acoustic project! Music will be coming soon!”

Check out the video below, and let us know what you think. Do you see this too much? Are bands using social media the wrong way? Or is this guy just a jackass? At least most bands aren’t using social media to fake their singer’s kidnaping.