Yesterday, Snapchat introduced a new update that people aren't so happy about.

However, they are giving Snapchatters a new way to tell their story with fonts that are perfect for each and every occasion.

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As Elite Daily explains, the available caption styles include Brush, Italic, Glow, Gradient, Rainbow, Fancy and Old English. Plus, the news source explains that you can choose more than one font per Snap.


According to Bustle, you type a caption as-per and simply swipe to try the new caption style options. The Caption Styles feature will be available today, Feb. 8.

Snapchat Font Update
[Photo by: Instagram/Bustle]

Another update? “Personalized Face Lenses,” which you can create for your own events and celebrations, featuring over 150 templates available for you to customize as you please. (For a price, of course: Around $9.99, Elite Daily reports.)