Copyright issues have been questioned in regards to individuals using songs at rallies, meetings, etc. without the artist's consent. The most recent of which would be the use of Survivor's “Eye Of The Tiger” by controversial Christian extremist, Kim Davis.

We’ve come to know Davis as the Rowan County clerk in Kentucky who spent five days in jail for denying same-sex couples marriage licenses.

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During a recent rally, “Eye Of The Tiger” played as Davis made her way to the stage to make her remarks. Even though Survivor doesn't agree with her anti-gay stance and threatened a cease and desist, Davis’ use of the song did not infringe on any copyright laws. As long as whomever is using the song is paying the proper licensing fees, they’re in the clear. Even if they didn’t pay the proper fees, it’s still difficult for any legal action to happen, unless the artist can prove actual harm.

For a band such as Survivor, it would be next to impossible to prove that Davis’ use of “Eye Of The Tiger” had an effect on the perception of the song. That doesn’t mean that Survivor doesn’t have the right to be royally pissed off, but any further legal action would prove to be more of a headache than anything else. 

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