You can now hire a person to attend a concert, or any other event, in your place—not that it makes sense.

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The service is called ChameleonMask, and the way it works is someone wears a mask with an iPad attached to it, filling in for another person. NYMag reports the project, which is being called a “Human Uber,” was presented at the EmTech conference this week. 

Ultimate Classic Rock explains the project was created by Jin Rekimoto of Sony to help people who have events to attend, but can't (or don't want to) be there in person. 

Everyone in the room can interact with the person who hired the service because of the screen, as if they were on FaceTime or a Skype call.

Here's how the ChameleonMask website explains it: “ChameleonMask is a telepresence system that displays a remote user's face on another user’s face. By wearing the mask, we can be someone else and also someone can be our surrogates. The remote user can not only communicate with people who are not in the same place but also communicate physically by making direction such as body gesture with surrogate's limbs.”

And this is how it's supposed to look in real life:

There's also a video that explains the idea (but in no way makes it less weird):


So, basically, you could hire someone to go to a concert for you and watch it from the comfort of your home. Any takers?

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