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Hundredth share new song “Hole” and in-studio interview clips

May 30, 2017
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Hundredth just unleashed another new song, “Hole,” from their upcoming fourth album, RARE, out next month. Check it out below! The band revealed a vast stylistic change on their previously released RARE cuts—”Neurotic,” “Youth,” and “Suffer”—all of which came out in the past few weeks and show Hundredth’s unexpected transformation from melodic hardcore stalwarts to dreamy post-wave shoegazers.

The group have also been posting in-studio interviews with members of the band describing the aesthetic shift of RARE. Watch the chats with Hundredth guitarist Andrew Minervini here and drummer Lee Hutchison here.

“Hole” premiered on Tuesday over at CLRVYNT, with Hundredth singer-guitarist Chadwick Johnson offering a few words about the band’s new vision. “None of us really liked the music we were playing,” Johnson says in reference to the band’s hitherto hardcore style. “We’re all into different shit, but it turned into a hardcore or metalcore band, whatever the fuck it was.”

He also says the band are more personally in-tune with their retooled sound, partly predicated on the return of founding Hundredth guitarist, Alex Blackwell. “I think it just came to a boil when our original guitar player came back in the band,” adds Johnson. “We were like, ‘Dude, this is fucking lame. I don’t want to write this kind of music anymore.’

“I’ve been [unhappy] for years; I’ve just swallowed it because it’s a paycheck, y’know?”

RARE is out June 16 on Hopeless Records.

Written by AltPress