Rumors are quickly beginning to surface for the next iteration of Apple's cornerstone product: the iPhone.

New features, such as wireless charging, may be coming to iPhone 8, according to a leak from iDrop News.

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iDrop notes the most recent iPhone 8 version that has leaked “is highly-likely to enter production.”

[Photo Credit: iDrop]

There are apparently two prototypes. One, which has previously been rumored, will feature Touch ID on the back of the phone.

The newly leaked design features front-facing Touch ID technology beneath the display, which, looking at the leaked images, seems to engulf the phone's entire front. iDrop previously reported that Apple patented under-the-display Touch ID technology, which would maximize space on the front of the phone and eliminate the home button and its touch sensor.

Another major, rumored improvement is wireless charging. The glass will apparently also contour around the front and back, all surrounded by a metal frame.

There is also a larger power button with two points of contact. Because the screen seems to cover the front, the front-facing camera will be invisible and hidden underneath the display.

[Photo Credit: iDrop]

The tips to iDrop came from a Foxconn (a Taiwanese multinational electronics contract manufacturing company) employee.