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If you’ve ever wanted to watch Instagram videos with friends who are not around, you might just have the chance.

Apparently, the company is testing out a watch party feature that will allow you to watch videos with friends while video chatting them.

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Jane Manchun made the app discovery. It looks as though a user will be able to video chat their friends on Instagram Direct. While in that chat, they can click on a button that will allow them to co-watch videos.

It’s not certain which videos users will be able to access. It could just be IGTV or it might be all videos on the platform.

It’s also unknown when the feature will be launched on the platform.

In other news, Instagram seems to be ripping off Pinterest with a new “Collections” feature.

According to Techcrunch, the social media platform is working on the new feature which will allow users to organize their saved posts into groups and then share those collections with their friends.

In other news, a glitch recently caused many users to lose many followers overnight. They’ve since resolved the issue.

Also, soon users might soon be allowed to use the direct messaging feature from desktop, which currently is not available to users. Instagram confirmed they are not yet testing it publicly, but it might happen sooner than later.  

All of these new features are seriously transforming the platform from merely just a photo-sharing social media application.

What do you think of the new Instagram feature? Sound off in the comments!

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