If you ever wanted another reason to spend even more time on Instagram, you’re in luck, the company just announced its new features.

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Announced in a press release by the company today, Instagram has added new features including video chat, topic channels in the Explore page, and new camera effects – all of which are set to drop today.

After teasing the new video chat feature during Facebook’s F8 conference last month, the company has decided to go forth in dropping the feature as part of Instagram Direct.

So how does it work?

The new feature allows users to chat with anyone they have an active direct message with, and what’s nice about the feature is that you can add up to four users to one thread. All you need to do is go into your inbox, tap on the camera icon, and the call will alert your friends’ phones.

The best part of the new feature is that it also allows you to multitask. So while you’re talking on the video chat, you can minimize the chat and still browse your page, post a story and more!

Check out the feature below!

In addition to video chatting, Instagram has also unveiled its updated Explore page. With the new update, photos and videos will now be put into a “topic channel” where you can sort through posts that fit your specific interests.

According to Instagram, the new feature will allow users to more easily navigate the page because they will now see channels especially tailored to them. The new channels will also include a list of hashtags, which the company hopes will give users a better chance to explore their interests.

Check out the new explore page:

A new video chatting feature and explore page isn’t the only thing the photo-sharing app is rolling out with. Users will also be seeing new camera effects that were designed by Ariana Grande, Baby Ariel, Buzzfeed, Liza Koshy, and the NBA.

Check out the new effects below:

Instagram recently dropped IGTV, a new app that will allow Instagram’s users to post and watch hour-long videos.

As previously reported, the new IGTV is an app that is a combination of Instagram and YouTube, where users can now follow people and watch full-length videos of up to one hour.

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