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Instagram just took documenting your jam sesh on your story to a whole other level with its’ latest update.

The social media platform now allows users to add lyrics to the music in their stories.

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To utilize the new function, you must first pick a song from the app’s music library. Then, when you pinpoint the section of the song you want to use your the story, the lyrics will pop up. Then, you can customize the text to look the way you want and add it to your Story.

Instagram has even used Billie Eilish to promote the new feature with her song “my strange addiction.” You can see a video of the ad below.

The feature is part of Facebook’s, Instagram’s parent company, latest initiative to expand its music tools on its various platforms.

The new feature looks pretty cool, so turn up your favorite song, take a video of you rocking out to it and try it out for yourself.

More tech news

Spotify is taking a cue from Instagram and Snapchat by incorporating a Stories-like feature into its platform.

However, it’ll be different — Spotify artists will be able to share additional background for their music with “Stories” that will stay online long past 24 hours.

The new function will be called “Storyline” and it is available on iOS and Android, but not on desktop. It will pop up as a song plays, like the Genius “Behind the Lyrics’ function already incorporated on the platform.

The stories can include lyrics, text and photos, based on the artists’ discretion.

The function is currently in the testing phase, a representative told Billboard.

What do you think of the new Instagram feature? Sound off in the comments below!

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