Instagram is mainly used for photo-sharing, but it looks as though they might be adding a calling feature soon, as Tech Crunch reports.

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The tech site reports that files found via the app's Android Application Packages (APKs) are files and icons for “Call” and “Video Call.” They explain that APKs often show files for unreleased features “lying dormant in an app waiting to be surfaced when the company is ready to launch them.”

So that might just mean audio and video calling is coming soon.

The tech site explains that Instagram has yet to confirm the news, but with the code found in the APK, it's hard for them to deny the function.

Plus, it'd be another easy way for Instagram to continue their attempt to take over Snapchat, which has a video calling feature, too.

With the recent backlash over Snapchat's new update, Instagram's (possible) new calling and video calling features would only make sense.