Instagram might change its classic 3×3 photo grid and mess up your layout

September 21, 2017
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[Photo by: Instagram]

It looks like Instagram might be rockin' the boat with its classic 3×3 photo-grid style. According to the Fader, the 'gram may be switching it up from a 3×3 design to 4×4, disrupting some more artistic users' carefully curated layouts.

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Not everyone's Instagram profile would be disrupted by such a change. However, as pointed out by the Ringer, aesthetic-driven 'grammers' “big picture” spreads—single pics painstakingly put together like a big, beautiful puzzle on their profile—would get totally messed up by a new, 4×4 grid.

“Some users have seen changes to the old grid style on their profiles, mistaking the test for a glitch,” reports the Fader. “Many of them were not pleased.” Instagram apparently says its testing out the new 4×4 photo arrangement.

Has your Insta profile been messed up yet? What do you think about this apparent style change? Do you have an artistically-imbued Instagram account that carefully utilizes the aesthetic space of the classic, 3×3 design?

Sound off in the comments and let us know.

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Written by AltPress