Instagram has been creating a lot of new features lately and some of them have been getting a bit of hate. However, the app's most recent update will have people celebrating.

You can now add GIF stickers to your pictures and videos on Instagram Stories.

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The feature is a partnership between Instagram and Giphy, and lets users select GIFs from the website's database, which makes using the stickers really easy. Find out how below.

[GIF by: Giphy]

Take a picture or video in Instagram Stories and tap the sitckers icon, then look for the GIF option. You can then scroll through the library to find the perfect animated image or search for specific words and tags.

The GIFs work the same way as the stickers, which means they can be moved and resized. And, yes, you can add as many GIFs as you like. 

As if that wasn't enough, Instagram also announced it's working on another update that will give you the ability to upload photos and videos of any size to your story without cropping them. After the update, the images will show up in its original dimensions and the extra space will be filled with a matching color gradient.

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