If you've updated your Instagram recently, you've probably noticed some changes on your home feed. Most noticably, you've likely spotted posts from people you don't follow—and people aren't happy about it.

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Speculation has arisen online that the move is to create more ad inventory for the social media platform, but people are upset seeing the content they did not choose to see. As Buzzfeed puts it: Your Instagram “Explore” tab is essentially going to be part of your personal feed.

And social media is not having it:

If anything's clear, we just want Instagram to go back to posting content in chronological order.

“After you've viewed all new posts in your feed, we will suggest some additional posts you might like,” Gabe Madway of Instagram told Buzzfeed about the change, but that still isn't what we asked for.

We'll just keep our fingers crossed that they'll go back to chronological order sometime soon…