Award-winning producer Joey Sturgis has teamed up with fellow producers Joel Wanasek and Joe Wohlitz to create Drumforge, one of the most ambitious and comprehensive drum & cymbal sample libraries ever developed. Available for pre-order today and set to be officially released on May 26th, Drumforge is about to revolutionize the drum-sample industry.

Drumforge is sampled from a diverse collection of rare and time honored snares, toms, cymbals and kick drums, spanning from the 1940’s to modern day classics. These instruments were carefully chosen to represent the most popular sounds of rock, metal, and pop drumming often sought out by musicians and producers alike.

Each instrument has been multi-sampled in great detail using a variety of innovative and clever engineering techniques to provide users with endless tone creation and configurations at the simple slide of a fader.

Pre-Order Drumforge today at the Introductory Price of $259
Available For Immediate Download on May 26th for $299