We’re sure we’re not the only ones who hate constantly having to ask for a WiFi password. Well, Apple has responded to our pleas by creating a new trick on the iOS 11 upgrade.

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As 9 to 5 Mac reports, if someone comes over with an iPhone running iOS 11, you can “automatically log them in to your WiFi in one tap.”

How does it work, exactly? It’s kind of like AirDrop, as Teen Vogue explains. When the WiFi password screen pops up on the new device, other nearby iOS devices that are already on the WiFi network will get a pop up window asking them for permission to let the new device join, and as soon as the person agrees, the new device will be joined to the network—no password exchange needed.

However, as Teen Vogue points out, the only way this’ll actually work is if you’re device’s sharing network is unlocked, which just might be worth it for this genius WiFi sharing update.

How stoked are you to have an easier way to connect to WiFi when you’re with your BFFs? Let us know in the comments below!