According to ABC News, defunct post-metal band Isis have changed the name of their Facebook page from “ISIS” to “Isis the band” to avoid being continually confused with the biggest militant group currently waging war in Iraq, ISIS (a.k.a. the Islamic State Of Iraq And Syria).

Aside from blitzing and capturing Iraqi cities, ISIS (the militant group) have been killing Christians, Yazidis and non-Sunni Muslims in Iraq for some time now. They also recently beheaded American journalist James Foley. It’s easy to understand the band’s frustration with being mistaken for this group.

Aaron Harris, the band's former drummer, told ABC that the situation caught them off guard and some fans are now even reluctant to wear their T-shirts. They’ve also gotten some “off-color” comments.

According to a representative from the band’s label, merch sales have not been negatively affected.

Harris tells ABC, “Just like our fans, we've been watching the news in disbelief. We haven't commented on it because we haven't been an active band since 2010, even though our music does live on. We maintain our Facebook page to keep people up-to-date on our current musical projects.”

The situation sounds pretty similar to what the band Anthrax went through during the 2001 Anthrax attacks and general scare that followed.

Watch Isis' video for “20 Minutes/ 40 Years,” which is taken from their 2009 album, Wavering Radiant.