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Issues just released a behind-the-scenes video for their music video for “Drink About It” and talked a bit about what it was like filming with actual bees. 

A couple weeks ago, Issue surprised fans with the new song, accompanying music video, album announcement and a tour all within 12 hours.

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Following “Tapping Out,” Issues unveiled their full new era with “Drink About It.” The video shows the band covered in bees, being painted to look like a statue and a whole lot more. You can see it all below. 

For many of the band members, the most exciting part was setting up bassist Skyler Acord with bees. 

Contrary to me getting to be a total diva in this video and living my best queer queen life, my fave was actually setting Sky up with bees,” vocalist Tyler Carter tells AP. “I got to have my hand at some directorial skills and watch my friend face potential sudden death.” 

issues drink about it

Acord also described in-detail how much work went into filming the scenes of him covered in the insects.

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“Getting the bees on me was a hell of a process,” Acord began. “The keeper smoked them with burning burlap, which shuts off any aggression “program” and tricks them into thinking the hive is on fire. This makes them super docile. Then he rubbed a queen bee all over the spots we want the bees to congregate because they follow their pheromones. I was also wearing a necklace with a pine box containing a queen bee to get them on my chest.”

issues drink about it

He added that he had the bees on him for more than 90 minutes and “only got stung once.” 

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For guitarist AJ Rebollo, his favorite part of the video was transforming into a work of art. 

“My favorite part had to be being painted to look like a statue,” he says. “The process was super long and it was cold as hell but the end result looked amazing.” 

Along with talking about the new video, the band discussed what they’re most looking forward to with this next era of Issues. 

“I am most excited about the headline tour because for the first time we feel as if we are in control of our brand and the acts we want to associate with, and we have a honest team who trust and help elevate our vision,” Carter says. “Plus I’m ready to play a piano ballad, which is something we haven’t done.” 

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The other members agreed, with Acord citing the live shows and supporting acts will match the band’s new “dramatic” aesthetic.

“Playing with more progressive artists seems to be where we’re heading,” he says. “I’m stoked because we want to be associated with crazy musicians that inspire us.”

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The new video shows a bit of what went into making the masterpiece of the “Drink About It” video. You can see that new below. 

Speaking of tour, the band just announced a run to support their upcoming album with Polyphia and support from Lil Aaron and Sleep Token. You view tour dates and find out more by visiting Issues’ website, here.

As previously stated, Issues just announced a new album, Beautiful Oblivion. It’s slated to drop Oct. 4 via Rise Records, and preorders are available here.

What do you think of the behind-the-scenes video for the latest Issues music video? Sound off in the comments down below!

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