Earlier this week, Issues' Tyler Carter posted photos of what seemed to be the result of a house fire, tweeting “I love my room. #lucky.”

Carter has opened up about those photos in a new statement, reassuring that he and housemate/bandmate Michael Bohn okay. Find it below, along with some more photos of the incident.

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“Just wanted to let the fans and homies know that this wasn't a band crisis, Michael and I live together with a couple of our closest friends and a couple crew members from the Issues camp, but didn't mean for this accident to get dramatized. It's been a rough couple days and pretty big bummer but we are on our feet and we are big believers in that things could always be worse and we are lucky to be safe and fortunate to have gotten out of the house before it caved in some places. I will confirm that this fire was electrical. There was some faulty wiring that cause the inner walls to ignite carrying the fire into the attic, that fully engulfed. I had woken up smelling burnt wires and haze and I could see a little bit of flames out my window and got everyone out of the house shortly after my room caved in on my bed. Blessed to have woken up in time. But just wanted to give a bit of detail to all the friends and fans that are sending tons of concerns and questions, and let everyone know that this wasn't an Issues' issue. Hehe.
Thanks for the prayers and thoughts, all good from my end. Also huge thank you to Red Cross for helping us out and being so kind, Red Cross is an important and genuine family, always encourage you to donate and be involved with their relief as much as possible.”

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