So while everyone loves the movie It, there's one particular group of people that don't, but now director Andy Muschietti has responded to our clown “friends?” that may not like the movie.

Check out what he said below.

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The World Clown Association released a press kit before the movie was released. This press kit reminds members in the World Clown Association that the “art of clown is something to be treasured and enjoyed” and “just because someone wears a rubber Halloween mask, that does not make one a clown,” reports The Hollywood Reporter.

President of the World Clown Association, Pam Moody, says Pennywise has nothing to do with the business of “pro clowning,” and she’s irked Stephen King has ruined business for them. King tweeted about the clown crowd in April before this original press kit was released.

And now director Andy Muschietti is offering his opinion as well in a new interview posted by TMZ. In the interview, Muschietti brings up a clown that's been sending him messages on Facebook asking him “why [he] would do this?”

“I was very polite and I'm like, 'Well, kids are scared of clowns,'” said Muschietti.

Not just kids, but we get it!

“I think, if anything, clowns are benefiting from the publicity. Clown fear is coming back, but you know there's scary clowns and there's nice clowns. So they should think what kind of clown they should be, right?”

He went on to say that he loves clowns, but some of them need to work on their presentation to be less scary. Check out the full video below!

What do you think? Are clowns overreacting? Did Muschietti have the right idea? Let us know in the comments!