With the It remake coming out in a few weeks, you may have thought to watch the miniseries that came out in 1990 featuring Tim Curry playing everyone's favorite creepy clown Pennywise, but one person who definitely wouldn't be watching with you is It director Andrés Muschietti.

Check out what he thinks of the miniseries below!

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In an interview with SFX magazine, Muschietti revealed that he has a closer connection with the original novel written by Stephen King in 1986 compared to the miniseries that was released four years later.

“I was not a child any more when it came out in 1990. So my attachment was very much to the book and to the world of Stephen King more than the miniseries,” said Muschietti.

Muschietti goes on to say “I totally acknowledge how iconic that miniseries was for a generation. But also you have to say that it impacted that generation because they saw it with very young eyes as a TV movie or on VHS,” which makes us wonder how scary he plans to create his version considering we won't be watching it on VHS.

The first trailer sneak peek dropped in late March, and this trailer is truly making our spines tingle. (We likely won’t be able to sleep tonight.)

Watch a side-by-side comparison of the new trailer and the old miniseries here. The original miniseries aired in 1990 and was based off of Stephen King's 1986 horror epic of the same name.

It hits theater Sept. 8. Stoked? Tell us in the comments.