[Photo by: Warner Bros.]

There have been a number of deleted scenes released from 2017's It remake, and most of them have ranged from shiver-inducing to downright disturbing.

But there's another new deleted scene that's not so scary—and, believe it or not, might actually make you laugh.

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There's the eerie opening sequence that we know and, yes, kind of love. Pennywise lures Georgie into his sewer with the paper boat, and we all know what happens next…

But in this scene, there's a twist. Give it a watch below:

We don't know what we love best, but seeing Georgie walk off with a “Thanks, see you later!” is pretty incredible. (Plus, Pennywise's “Ah, shit” moment is pretty great, too.)

It's an alternate beginning that likely would have led to an alternate ending… Maybe there'll be an It comedy or blooper reel in the near future?

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