The It remake is terrorizing the world—and breaking records while it’s at it. Of course, we all know it’s scaring us sh*tless.

But did you know there’s a scene that terrified Stephen King, too?

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You’d think the author himself would be immune to the fear by now, but it appear he isn’t completely.

In an interview with Collider, It movie producer Barbara Muschietti explained that in an email conversation, King said what scared him most in the remake—and it wasn’t even Pennywise himself.

“Stephen King, the first email he sent to Andy when he had seen the movie, the one fear he wrote back, he said, ‘I f*cking love the woman in the painting, it scared the sh*t out of me.’”

Of course, the movie has much to scare us silly, as Pennywise the clown has clearly taken over the box officesewer grates and our nightmares. 

Not only is it the biggest opening for a horror film ever, having just beat out previous record-holder Paranormal Activity 3—it's also the biggest for any Stephen King adaptation, whose body of adaptations also includes The Shining

Did you see It? What scene scared you most? Let us know in the comments below! 

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