In a recent interview with Artisan News Service, Danny Worsnop spoke out on his decision to leave Asking Alexandria, saying, “Like I said in my press release on it, it was just time for us to part ways. We reached a point, musically, where we wanted different things.” He added, “And I want nothing but the best for them. I wish them all the best in the future, and I will always follow it and support it.”

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The rest of AA followed Worsnop's announcement by leaking their impending North American trek on Warped Tour, which will take place later this year.

His new band, We Are Harlot, are set to release their self-titled debut full-length album on March 31 via Roadrunner Records. The band recently released a video for their latest single, “Dancing On Nails.”

What are your thoughts on Worsnop leaving AA? Do you like what he's doing in We Are Harlot? Are you glad to see the rest of AA moving on without him? Who would you like to see be the band's new frontman? (Some people really hope it's Riff Raff.) Leave us a comment with your thoughts!