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Apple users are in for a big change to how their content is organized on their devices.

According to Bloomberg, the tech company is planning to announce they’re phasing out iTunes.

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The company are reportedly dissolving iTunes in place of new separate music, movie and podcast apps.

The announcement of the new apps is apparently being made during the company’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) event on June 3. It’s expected the new music app will also allow iPhone and other iOS devices to manually sync.

They’re also making announcements about making other devices such as the iPad and Apple Watch more independent from iPhones and MacBooks.

These announcements come shortly after it was revealed Apple is reintroducing the iPod. The seventh generation iPod Touch will have the same hardware as an iPhone 7. It is also the first new model since 2015.

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The recently unveiled Touch has an additional storage option of 256GB for $399 in case you like to carry tens of thousands of songs around.

Aside from more storage and better hardware, the rest of the iPod Touch will remain unchanged. This means it will continue to boast a 4-inch display, home button, camera and more.

The new generation of Touch is already available for purchase via the company’s website. It starts at $199 for the 32GB model, $299 for the 128GB model and $399 for the recently announced 256GB option.

Eliminating iTunes may be a good option to help users navigate the specific type of media they want, but it won’t eliminate Apple’s recent lawsuit.

The tech giant is currently being sued for allegedly selling customers iTunes data to third-party companies.

What do you think of Apple’s decision to phase out iTunes for separate apps for music, movies and podcasts? Let us know in the comments below.

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