Jack Black Guardians Of The Galaxy
[Photos via Jack Black/@jackblack on Instagram, Guardians Of The Galaxy/Marvel Studios]

It’s another day which means there’s another social media debate taking over the internet. This week, one Twitter user said that Jack Black could replace Chris Pratt in virtually any movie or show he’s ever done.

Now, the internet’s debating over whether or not Jack Black could replace Chris Pratt as Star-Lord in Guardians Of The Galaxy.

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It all started with one tweet. On Dec. 2, Twitter user @KaylaAncrum tweeted that Black could replace Pratt in any film he’s ever been in.

“Jack Black could replace Chris Pratt in anything that clown has ever been in.”

Kayla Ancrum later goes on to say that Black is an actor that could take on the role of Star-Lord in Guardians Of The Galaxy. They argue that Black could make the character more genuine and less of a “womanizer” as Star-Lord is portrayed in the Marvel films.

“And yes I am including the roles where he’s ripped. Jack Black can do flips at his current weight I’m sure he could have played Star-Lord.”

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“Jack Black is funny yes, but he’s also a good serious actor and brings a lot of tender-soft boy energy to serious roles kind of like Brendan Fraser in the Mummy. But he’s also built like a battle axe under his chub. So.”

“You know that part in GotG where Star-Lord wakes up to a hot girl in his ship and doesn’t remember her name? I feel like Jack Black would have made it so that Star-Lord remembered her name. I just feel it in my heart that Jack could pull off womanizer who actually likes women.”

Ancrum’s tweets quickly blew up on Twitter and “Jack Black” began trending on the platform on Thursday. The tweets opened up a wider debate on if Black could really portray Star-Lord in Guardians Of The Galaxy.

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While some argue that Black could play any of Pratt’s roles, they don’t think Pratt could take on any of Black’s characters.

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However, others are arguing that Jack Black wouldn’t actually make a good Star-Lord.

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Stan Twitter is also using this moment to show off their appreciation for Jack Black who graced us with the iconic character of Dewey Finn in 2003’s School Of Rock.

Do you think Jack Black could replace Chris Pratt in Guardians Of The Galaxy? Let us know in the comments below.