Jack White, of White Stripes, Racounteurs and Dead Weather fame, has been named to Nashville's Council on Gender Equality.

Nashville mayor Megan Barry made the official appointment on Wednesday. White has lived in Nashville for several years, and his label Third Man Records is housed there.

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The Tennesseean reports that White was appointed due to his progressive policies at Third Man Records, which include both maternal and paternal paid leave, as well as a $15 minimum wage and health insurance for all employees. 

“If my small company can enact these ideas then so can McDonald’s and General Motors,” White said at a press conference on Wednesday. “I believe all human being in this planet and in this society we live in deserve to be treated the same. They deserve to be treated the same in their social lives and in their financial and business careers as well.”

The Council's aim will be to enact policy changes and programs to target gender inequity in Nashville.

“In my life in the arts, I’ve always considered it unfair when, for example, while producing a record, that a drummer would be less than a singer simply because that singer had an agent or representative,” he said. “Now wouldn’t it be just as ridiculous to pay two fiddle players a different wage because one of them is male and one of them is female? I think so.”