[Photo by: FrozenPenguinToaster/reddit]

As one Reddit user has proven, Pokémon fans can turn every call into a mini Pokémon battle—if they're willing to jailbreak their iPhone.

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Reddit user FrozenPenguinToaster shared a video showing the feature they designed… Or, rather, jailbroke into their phone. So, once you get a call, instead of seeing your traditional incoming call screen, you see a Pokémon battle screen. You can then choose to fight, and accept the call, or run, and reject the call. See how it works below:

[Upcoming] PokeCall: Answer calls like a Pokémon master from r/jailbreak

Even cooler? It plays the Pokémon battle song as your ringtone. Nothing better than that, right?

We'd like FrozenPenguinToaster to tweak our phones to impliment something similar.

Would you jailbreak your iPhone to give this a try? Sound off below!