Halloween, Laurie
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If you haven’t been actively looking through the news for any Halloween-related articles, you might have missed an interesting story posted on Fox News yesterday (Oct. 10,) where they discussed the use of guns in the new movie.

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The story published on Fox’s website received some major backlash after they tried going after Curtis for using a gun in the forthcoming Halloween installment, despite being a gun control activist.

Understandably, people had some feelings about Fox’s article:

Unfortunately for the site, the story didn’t just catch the attention of a few Halloween fans, it also caught the attention of Laurie Strode herself, Jamie Lee Curtis.

Sitting down with USAToday a few hours after the Fox article was published, Curtis called the newfound controversy “silly,” while also explaining where her views on gun control actually stand.

“It was just silly because they were trying to make a point without ever asking me what I really think,” Curtis shared. “And what I think might surprise them.”

Curtis then continued on to say that she supports not only the Second Amendment but common-sense gun laws as well. Acknowledging that she’s “vocal about common-sense gun safety and gun laws,” that doesn’t mean she’s anti-gun, either, saying:

“I fully support the Bill of Rights. And fully support the Second Amendment. And have absolutely no problem with people owning firearms if they have been trained, licensed, a background check has been conducted, a pause button has been pushed to give time for that process to take place. And they have to renew their license just like we do with automobiles – which are weapons also.”

Now that Curtis’ view on gun control is sorted out, she also wanted fans to know why her character had an array of weapons to stop, uhm, well, attempt to stop, the shape known as Michael Myers.
Implying that she did apply some of her views on gun control to the character, she made it clear that she knew Laurie would be one to use a firearm to protect her family against “the boogeyman.”
Curtis then went on the share that Laurie could have used a whole slew of weapons, but she wanted her character to only use weapons that are used for “self-defense.”
“I think there were myriad types of firearms that could have been used in the movie,” she said. “I was very clear with the filmmakers that she used the weapons intended for self-defense for her and her family.”
So yeah…
We’re still not entirely sure what the basis for the original article was, but it looks as though Curtis has been mindful of how Laurie and the weapons she uses will be shown in the new film.
In any case, you can watch Michael Myers make his long-awaited return home to Haddonfield on Oct. 19!
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