We're getting pretty excited for the new Ghostbusters movie (I mean, did you see that soundtrack?!). However, we're not the only ones—Japanese chain J.S. Burgers Cafe has unveiled an entire menu devoted to the movie.

Check out pictures that Fuse found of some of the ridiculous menu items below.

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One out of the four menu items, according to Grub Street, is called the G.B. Burger, which features a black bun. Another is the Black Chili Chips, and another is the Slimer Smoothie, which looks like its full of ectoplasm. J.S. Burgers didn't forget about dessert: the Marshmallow Mad Burger is piled high with Oreos and red goo. Take a look at photos of all the photos here.

G.B. Burger:

Mad Marshmallow Burger: