[Photo by: ColliderVideos/YouTube]

Actor and Thirty Seconds To Mars frontman Jared Leto introduces a brave new world in the just-released short film for Blade Runner 2049, the long-anticipated follow-up to Ridley Scott's Blade Runner. Watch it below!

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As pointed out by Polygon, the new short film, Collider's Nexus: 2036, examines Leto's Blade Runner character, scientist Niander Wallace, as he introduces a new replicant called the Nexus 9 and aims to abolish the in-universe prohibition on replicants that's existed since the events following the first Blade Runner.

The short prequel clip, taking place in the year 2036, sets up the new Blade Runner movie, and it was initially detailed during Warner's Comic-Con 2017 panel, as reported over at UPROXX. Here's the essential synopsis:

“The timeline then states that a prohibition of replicants went into effect in 2023, sending them into hiding until Jared Leto's Neander Wallace helps get the ban repealed before creating more replicants. He also helps to solve a hunger crisis that plagued the planet by this point, the chained results of an EMP disaster that causes a global blackout years prior. Wallace Corp becomes a major force due to these two aspects, giving Leto’s character a lot of power and bumping replicants to a majority soon enough.”

Blade Runner 2049 is out on Oct. 6. Check out the new short:

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