Batman News has reported that Jared Leto—the star of Suicide Squad and the Joker himself—will be in the music video for a Skrillex song on the movie's soundtrack. Here is the series of events.

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About two months ago, Billboard posted that Skrillex debuted a new collab with Rick Ross at the WAV Nightclub in Atlantic City. The collab is rumored to be on the Suicide Squad soundtrack, possibly even the theme song. Yesterday, Leto posted pictures of himself on social media in his character's garb (see below). Now, Batman News has reported that Leto (as Joker) will be featured in the music video for the Skrillex + Rick Ross collab, further confirming the track is in fact on the Suicide Squad soundtrack.

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In another tweet, Leto was in Miami at the time, where it is rumored the music video is being filmed. According to this video, the collab says words relating to Joker and Suicide Squad, like “Gotham City,” “purple Lamborghini” and the movie title itself. Sources told Batman News the information.

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