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Jeffree Star is back in the headlines for his makeup company Jeffree Star Cosmetics. The controversy comes from fans feeling they were ripped off over a mystery box Black Friday sale.

The box in question aptly named the $20 Mini Holiday Edition Mystery Box, was advertised to include one “exclusive mystery cosmetic item.” Well, much to the chagrin of some buyers, the exclusive cosmetic item was a set of stickers.

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The stickers included in the mystery box were custom designed by a tattoo artist of Star’s choosing. After the initial complaint by a buyer, Star had quite the response.

“I just showed your message to the guy that spent hours drawing those stickers, he said you are rude and disgusting.” Star says in a now-deleted tweet. “My holiday collection was with Shane, mystery boxes are fun and… A mystery. Get over yourself, the entitlement is gross.”

Many people took to the internet to discuss their dissatisfaction and Star’s handling of the situation.

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Star has since apologized for the incident citing a “miscommunication.” He also promised to refund all purchases of the “Mini Mystery Box” but still send out the items.

We here at Jeffree Star Cosmetics made the decision to make the refund as well as still send the Mini Mystery Box to everyone due to our miscommunication regarding the contents of the Mini Mystery Box sold during the Black Friday sale,” the statement reads. “An initial posting should have stated: ‘every box contains at least one exclusive item,’ but due to our error said: ‘every box contains at least one exclusive cosmetic item.


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When he’s not fielding pop-punk requests or challenging Machine Gun Kelly to a rap battleAaron Carter is apparently using the internet to point out similarities between his merch and makeup mogul Jeffree Star.

Star recently announced Jeffree Star Cosmetics’ 5-year anniversary collection. At the time, it sparked its own divided reaction over the cost of the new Extreme Frost highlighter and now Carter is calling attention to some hoodies.

Earlier this week, Carter took to Twitter to address Star’s fall hoodie collection, writing “Hey @JeffreeStar your merch looks a lot like my custom pieces I do by hand? 🤔 tsk tsk.”

He followed it shortly after with a video of the entire collection, writing, “I’m sorry but @JeffreeStar everyone has seen me make this stuff you have two of my colors. Not sure who on your team did that but I’m honored. Love you still 🦁👑

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“All right I love you Jeffree, but you literally have two of my colorways on here that I do in my custom apparael,” Carter says in the clip. “I love the rest of your stuff, obviously, but that’s clear as day.”

The hoodie Carter is referring to was released earlier this year as part of his LØVË COLLECTION, a reference to his album released in early 2018.

Fans were quick to respond to Carter with one telling him, “Be careful about drawing attention to this. He actually has been doing this style a lot longer than you and could actually have a case against you.”

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Carter responded, stating, “With all due respect, I know Jeffree and I do my stuff custom. I was just seeing that [there] were deforest [sic] similarities. I’m not mad.”

Carter continued by sharing a clip of his custom apparel being created, writing, “I do all my stuff by hand. 🥰 I’m just getting started but I LØVË BEING CRËATIVÉ
@JeffreeStar I stil love you just saw some similarities 🥰🃏🦁 I’m being trolled!!!! Lol jkjk”

Star hasn’t publicly commented on Carter’s statements.

Jeffree Star Cosmetics 5-Year Anniversary Collection went live on Thanksgiving. In addition to the new hoodies and Extreme Frost, it also includes the Holiday Liquid Lip Bundle, travel straw sleeve, white glitter makeup display and Iridescent & Onyx Star Mirrors.

Many products are already sold out, but you can check out the full collection and other products here.

What do you think of all of this Jeffree Star drama? Sound off below!


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