jeffree star the dolan twins
[photo via YouTube]

Jeffree Star has left his pink designer outfits and snatched makeup looks behind to totally transform into a bro-version of himself. 

In a new video, the makeup mogul switched lives with popular YouTubers the Dolan Twins. 

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The 19-year-old twins, Ethan and Grayson, are basically the exact opposite of Star, which he even said in the video. He took his makeover to the next level with fake eyebrows, hair and everything. It was a pretty shocking to see Star take on such a masculine look, but he killed it as always. 

Aside from just turning into them physically, he also embodied their routines, hitting the gym, drinking protein shakes, skateboarding and more. 

In the nearly 40-minute video, Star addresses what it felt like to look “normal by society standards” for a day, as he receives a lot of hate for his loud style and personality. He also got deep about the transformation inspiring him to start focusing more on his health and fitness. 

You can see Star totally turn into a bro in the video below. 

Also, on the Dolan Twins’ channel, they transformed into Star with their long pink wigs, on-point makeup and Adidas tracksuits. They also took on his life, shopping at designer stores and eating fast food like true queens. You can see that video below as well.

More Jeffree Star news

Saying Jeffree Star loves Taco Bell is an understatement. As a result, the makeup guru has inspired one fan to create an epic portrait from his fast food of choice.

Twitter user André Manguba shared a photo of the creation, which includes sauce packets, a quesadilla, chips and more. With it, they wrote, “NEW FOOD ART of @JeffreeStar made with his fav @TacoBell !! 🌮🛎💜”

Star saw the art and reacted with the perfect taco emoji. “Oh my god!!!! 😭🔥,” he tweeted. “Who knew I could be hungry looking at myself… You are beyond talented!!! 🌮”

Star isn’t the only famous face to inspire Manguba’s art. He recently shared one of Katy Perry and Taylor Swift hugging it out in the latter’s “You Need To Calm Down” video. However, this time, instead of Taco Bell, he utilized McDonalds and Shake Shack for their burger and fry costumes.

Manguba also made Queer Eye’s Fab Five out of KFC and Pikachu out of mangos. You can see more of the pieces created here.

What do you think of Jeffree Star turning into the Dolan Twins? Sound  off in the comments down below!

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