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[Photo via YouTube]

Barbie better move over because there’s a new doll in town. Jeffree Star recently shared an incredible video of an incredible artist transforming a doll into an exact lookalike of the makeup guru.

Check out the amazing video below!

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Hextian (AKA Christian) took an Integrity Toys doll and transformed it into a miniature Star, all the way down to the tattoos.

Star’s makeup collection was even used to complete the doll’s transformation.

“Welcome back to my channel!” Hextian writes in the video’s bio. “Hi, how are ya?! It has been a minute since my last doll, and today I present you Jeffree Star!”

The bio continues, “He really is a unique androgynous being, and I think that representation is pretty vital for the LGBTQ community. He has such a huge following coming from the Myspace music era to his beauty empire that most people would know who Jeffree is. I love his make up, especially his highlighters, so why not turn him into a doll!”

The video even includes a beautiful tribute to Star’s dog Diamond, who recently passed away.

You can check out the tutorial below.

Star’s reaction to the doll was nothing but absolute praise.

“This is the most insane and incredibly talented artist I’ve seen in a long time!!  The accuracy of my tattoos and dogs are so unreal!!!”

Fans were in love with the doll, wanting to purchase one of their very own.

Would you like to have a Jeffree Star doll? Sound off in the comments below!

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