Jeffree Star, Shane Dawson
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Today has been long awaited by both Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson fans alike. After almost a year’s worth a teasing and a six (so far) episode series on YouTube, the Shane x Jeffree Conspiracy Collection has officially launched.

However, the highly anticipated collaboration proved to be in such a high demand that it broke both Star and Morphe’s websites in the process.

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The Conspiracy Collection features two iconic eyeshadow palettes, makeup bags, lip gloss, several different velour lip colors and more.

Items range in price from $18 to $210 for the full bundle.

Probably the most sought-after piece is the 18-color Conspiracy Palette which comes in an incredible black case and contains shades such as “What’s The Tea” and “Cheese Dust.”

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You can view everything in the Conspiracy Collection below.


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Here is everything available in the #ShanexJeffree Conspiracy Collection 👁 🖤 The Price List: Conspiracy Palette – $52 Mini-Controversy Palette – $28 SHANE x JEFFREE Palette Bundle – $72 Shane x Jeffree Conspiracy Collection Bundle (includes ALL makeup, meaning both palettes, all liquid lips in individual boxes, lip gloss & lip balm + Black Imprint Travel Bag) – $210 The Gloss: Shane Glossin’ clear gloss – $18 Diet Shane lip balm – $18 (exclusive to JSC site) Velour Liquid Lipsticks ($18): Shane Are You Filming? Jeffree, What the Fuck? Ryland I Gotta Go Oh My God Shane x Jeffree Velour Liquid Lipstick Pig Bundle – $90 (exclusive to JSC site!) Black & Pink Pig Hand Mirrors – $30 Conspiracy Track Jogger – $45 Conspiracy Track Jacket – $55 Shane x Jeffree Imprint Travel Bag – $30 Shane x Jeffree Black Double Zip Makeup Bag – $40 Shane x Jeffree Pink Double Zip Makeup Bag – $40 Shane x Jeffree Accessory Bag – $30 Shane x Jeffree Pink Side Bag – $35 Shane x Jeffree Black Side Bag – $35

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Fans have been following the creation of this collection in Shane Dawson’s YouTube documentary series, The Beautiful World of Jeffree Star.

In the latest episode, the collection was unveiled with Star explaining the preparations Jeffree Star Cosmetics was taking to prepare for such a massive launch.

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Slated to hit Morpe’s website and Nov. 1 at 10:00 a.m. PT/1:00 p.m. ET, fans were ready to snag whatever they could from this collection.

However, Shopify was not able to handle the massive amount of traffic surging to the site, sending it crashing almost immediately.

Star continued to give updates via Instagram Stories, explaining that the issue was surfacing from the Shopify end.

“Hey guys. OK. I can’t believe any of this is even happening,” Star says on IG. “We’re two hours in and here’s the real mother-fucking tea. The platform that we use to sell our makeup is called Shopify. A lot of people use it. There has been so much traffic, me and Shane combined broke the platform.

“We’re on hour two and thousands of people are being checked out per minute. There was so much traffic it broke the front end, it broke the back end, everything is fucked. Ya’ll broke the internet. We’re doing everything in our power but it is not on the Jeffree Star Cosmetics team. It is out of our hands right now. We are sitting ducks waiting for this to be fixed and we are in a state of shock. I am so sorry.”

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Three-and-a-half hours into the launch, Shopify remained broken. Dawson and Star soon realized that 6-8 items from the collection never appeared on the Shane tab on the website, including the Mini Controversy Palette.

Star explained that they were working to fix the issue, telling fans that if they searched the word “Shane” on the website, all items would appear.

Despite the issues, the website has slowly been coming back to life with Star confirming that every unit of the Conspiracy Palette was officially sold.

Fans are encouraged to hang in there while Shopify’s support team continues to look into the issue.

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