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Shane Dawson just won the Streamy Award for his documentary series about Jeffree Star The Secret World of Jeffree Star. 

The Streamy Awards are presented annually and honor the “best in online entertainment & the creators behind it.”

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Just last month, Dawson finished up his second documentary series with Star. It’s titled The Beautiful World of Jeffree Star.

The Secret World of Jeffree Star focuses on just that. It’s aptly named. It’s a series where Dawson shows the viewer who Jeffree Star is and what happens behind closed doors. He tries to understand the human behind the beauty mogul.

Congratulations to Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star. Watch the first part below. To watch the rest of the series, head here.

More Jeffree Star 

Jeffree Star is back in the headlines for his makeup company Jeffree Star Cosmetics. The controversy comes from fans feeling they were ripped off over a mystery box Black Friday sale.

The box in question aptly named the $20 Mini Holiday Edition Mystery Box, was advertised to include one “exclusive mystery cosmetic item.” Well, much to the chagrin of some buyers, the exclusive cosmetic item was a set of stickers.

The stickers included in the mystery box were custom designed by a tattoo artist of Star’s choosing. After the initial complaint by a buyer, Star had quite the response.

“I just showed your message to the guy that spent hours drawing those stickers, he said you are rude and disgusting,” Star says in a now-deleted tweet. “My holiday collection was with Shane, mystery boxes are fun and… A mystery. Get over yourself, the entitlement is gross.”

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Many people took to the internet to discuss their dissatisfaction and Star’s handling of the situation.

Then, Star apologized for the incident citing a “miscommunication.” He also promised to refund all purchases of the “Mini Mystery Box” but still send out the items.

We here at Jeffree Star Cosmetics made the decision to make the refund as well as still send the Mini Mystery Box to everyone due to our miscommunication regarding the contents of the Mini Mystery Box sold during the Black Friday sale,” the statement reads. “An initial posting should have stated: ‘every box contains at least one exclusive item,’ but due to our error said: ‘every box contains at least one exclusive cosmetic item.

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