jeffree star warehouse robbery
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Earlier this week, Jeffree Star further addressed his recent robbery and some stolen makeup allegedly showing up at a certain retail store.

The makeup mogul recently opened up about his warehouse being burglarized and thieves stealing $2.5 million worth of goods including an unreleased product in a recent YouTube video.

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On Monday, Star shared a fans photo who stated, “A girl in a beauty group I belong to found this @JeffreeStar lipstick at Burlington!!! It looks real! Can we expect to see J⭐️ at discount stores now?!?”

In the post, Star said while the product was real, it was stolen and an unauthorized sale.

“That product is expired and sadly stolen. Note the old style shade label on top 🙃 We had those in a destroy pile before they were taken. My lawyer is dealing with it and finding out how and why @burlington would ever allow this. 🤮”

One fan responded to Star with a dig at Burlington, and Star insinuating that he was dealing with a lot of lawsuits in regards to the matter.

The situation also sparked some pretty entertaining memes, one of which Star retweeted.

Now, nearly 24 hours later, Burlington Coat Factory took to both Twitter and Facebook to respond to Star’s inquiries:

“We are committed to selling only authentic, authorized, and legally sourced product in our stores. We appreciate this incident being brought to our attention and we are swiftly investigating the matter. We have discontinued sales of these products and are immediately pulling remaining units from our stores.We are happy to partner with you and the authorities as you continue to look into this situation.”

Star shared a screenshot of their statement, adding “Thank you @Burlington for reaching out and quickly addressing this issue 💯 We will handle this behind the scenes and investigate!”

Jeffree Star addresses warehouse robbery

As mentioned, last week, Star shared with fans that his warehouse was burglarized through an extensive YouTube video.

“These people were professional. I believe it was an inside job. I believe it was someone who previously worked there tipped them off,” Star said in the video. “They hit us really hard.”

He said the “team” of people came in through the roof to take all of the items and put them into a truck. The robbery was discovered when an employee came to work the next day and noticed that something was wrong. He added that now the items are being sold on the black market.

“This is the biggest theft I have ever experienced in my entire career. This is the biggest hit as a brand,” he said. “I am still shocked about the entire thing.”

Star also opened up about his upcoming Magic Star concealer line being leaked on the internet after the theft. He says the thieves took an entire haul of the C5 shade out of his 30+ shade options from the warehouse.

“It’s been about two weeks now since the burglary and I have been waiting for this moment,” he said. “They took an entire shade. … They took thousands of these.”

Luckily, Star said he has insurance so the monetary value will be replaced, but it’s not clear whether or not he will get the products returned to him.

“It’s like devastating that this is even real,” Star said in the video. “I know that I will never be broken into again.”

You can watch Star’s entire video explaining the event below.

What do you think of the stolen Jeffree Star products showing up in stores? Sound off in the comments below!

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