Our AP 340 cover star Jeffree Star has added an amazing new palette to his already jaw-dropping collection.

Beauty Killer was Star's last palette and the makeup guru's first. However, with Androgyny—also the name of his most popular lipstick—Star was ready to take it to the next level.

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The Androgyny palette has been in the work for nine months. Star, in the announcement video, said he was of course proud of Beauty Killer—but he was ready to improve.

“This is my brand, I'm only going to do stuff and make colors that I want, that I want to wear, but I also know you guys are going to wear, but at the end of the day, I have to love it,” Star says in the video.

Star had a big meeting with his customer service to hear what fans were saying about his previous product.

The result? Star's version of a neutral palette. “This palette is earthy, it's sexy, it's gorgeous—there are so many looks that you can get from this palette,” he says.

The pan sizes are big. On that, Star says: “This is about art, it's about creating something so fun and unique that you guys are going to be able to appreciate for a long time.”

The retail price of Androgyny is $45. It goes on sale March 4 at 10:00 a.m. PST. The case is made from leatherette (faux-leather), following along with the makeup, which is completely cruelty-free.

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Why Androgyny? Star says: “Androgyny, I think, is the definition of Jeffree Star, since I was a little 8th grader playing with my mother's makeup, I have always been called androgynous.

“It's a combination of masculine and feminine characteristics. Gender ambiguity can be found in makeup, fashion, sexual identity, gender identity—anything.”

For the rest of the video, Star takes you color-by-color in the palette, explaining its backstory. Check it out:


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