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You may know Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan on AMC’s the Walking Dead, but before he was swinging a barbed-wired wrapped bat named Lucille, he was Sam and Dean Winchester’s dad on Supernatural.

That’s right, Morgan was a Winchester before his TWD-fame, and it appears that he wouldn’t mind going back to his supernatural roots…if the story is right, that is.

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Morgan wasn’t with the brothers for very long, as he only appeared here and there during the first two seasons of the show before he was ultimately killed off.

Following his death on the show, he hasn’t made any appearances since, but as any fan of Supernatural knows, you shouldn’t count out an actor just because their character died.

And while this re-emergence of characters post-death isn’t an uncommon thing for the series, Morgan just hasn’t made a comeback, but there’s apparently a reason for his absence.

In a new Twitter Q&A, JDM was asked if he would ever consider reprising his role on the show, and he seemed pretty open to the idea, saying:

“Sure. If the story was right.”

While we’re not entirely sure what he’d classify as the right storyline, we’re pretty excited at the thought of Morgan making his appearance back on the show.

There’s no official word on having Morgan back, but maybe he’ll consider signing back on following the release of the show’s 300th episode, which is set to happen during the show’s current season.

As of right now, Supernatural is in its 14th season, and there are no signs of slowing down anytime soon, especially when it comes to their 300th episode.

A recent report from TVLine found that the cast and crew will be putting out all the stops for this upcoming milestone episode, yet, they aren’t entirely forthcoming with information, but they have teased some.

“There’s a little bit of time travel that comes into play in the 300th episode, and we’ll see a different version of Cas,” Misha Collins, who plays Castiel in the series, shared.

Additionally, and even better yet, the show’s executive producer Brad Buckner hinted that fans might be seeing some familiar faces during the show’s episode, but it’s important to note the only confirmation of that was a “maybe.”

We’re pretty excited for all this Supernatural news, and we can only hope John Winchester will make his long-awaited return to the show, but we’ll see as season 14 comes.

You can catch Supernatural when it airs every Thursday at 8 p.m. ET/PT on the CW!

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