Congressman introduces bill to name a post office after Jimi Hendrix

The post office will be named "James Marshall ‘Jimi’ Hendrix Post Office Building."

November 26, 2018
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A post office named after Jimi Hendrix might become reality soon in the musician’s hometown.

A congressman from Washington state introduced the bill, and it has unanimous support so far.

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In July, Rep. Adam Smith introduced Bill H.R.6628, which plans to name a post office in Hedrix’s hometown of Renton, Washington after the legendary guitarist, reports Consequence of Sound.

The building will be named James Marshall ‘Jimi’ Hendrix Post Office Building, if the bill passes. The post office is located at 4301 Northeast 4th Street. Fans will know that is the same street where Hendrix grew up, and it’s also close to Greenwood Memorial Park, where he is buried.

When Smith first introduced it, the congressman said the bill is a way to celebrate the musician’s legacy.

“The Puget Sound Region is home to a museum that showcases Hendrix’s life and work, a park dedicated to his memory, and several memorials visited by thousands every year,” the congressman explains. “This designation will further honor this iconic artist and his Seattle roots.”

Per Conseqence of Sound, the bill has already moved from the initial by the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform. Plus, it seems likely the name change will happen, since all eight Washington representatives in Congress support the bill.

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Written by Natasha Heinz

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