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Between the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus, the idea of getting our pictures taken with the holiday figures has always been kind of creepy.

While we couldn’t imagine it getting worse, Jimmy Kimmel found a way to make the event even more traumatizing with Michael Myers.

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During last night’s episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live, Kimmel decided to have some fun with Halloween‘s recent success at the box office, so, he decided to set up a Santa Claus-inspired mall shoot with the shape himself, Michael Myers.

The reason? Just to see how children would react…and let’s just say they weren’t jumping at the chance to get up and close to Michael Myers.

“We asked some parents, who were walking by our theater if they wanted their kids to take a Halloween picture, the same way you’d take a picture with Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny but we told them this picture would be with Michael Myers,” Kimmel said. “Believe it or not, lots of parents sent their children right in.”

While most kids were pretty terrified of the masked killer acting like Santa Claus, one little girl’s joy of being with what Dr. Sam Loomis would describe as “purely and simply evil,” is incredibly heartwarming.

Watch the video below!

The 2018 Halloween movie: 

“The Shape” finally made his long-awaited return to the big screen, and besides the nightmares that he’s brought, he also brought scream queen Jamie Lee Curtis, the shape himself Nick Castle, and the mastermind behind it all, John Carpenter with him.

Castle reprised his role as Myers along with newcomer James Jude Courtney who was recruited to give the shape quick, cat-like movements.

The sequel follows a crew of filmmakers as they investigate the events of Halloween 1978. They enter the prison where Michael Myers is being held and taunt him with the famous mask. Myers escapes and seeks revenge on Strode.

Of course, the films have had a long history and with this film, it appears that fans will have to forget everything that happened in the franchise’s previous plot lines, including those of Rob Zombie‘s 2007 and 2009 remakes.

Halloween is currently in theaters, and it’s made some pretty big waves.

Having only cost $10 million to make, Halloween earned an estimated $77.5 million over its theatrical release, which has made it the second biggest October opening ever, falling short of Tom Hardy’s superhero film Venom, which had an $80.2 million opening a few weeks ago.

Additionally, it was reported that the $77.5 million gross also gave Halloween the second biggest opening ever for a horror movie, trailing closely behind IT. Not to mention, it also had the tenth best opening for an R-rated movie of any genre.